Godzilla Vs. Kong’s Director Gets Honest About Toys Spoiling The Movie


In any case, Godzilla vs. Kong is out now, so people know how Mechagodzilla precisely fits into the cinematic picture. Within the MonsterVerse continuity, the mechanical Titan was built by Apex Cybernetics and operated by Ren Serizawa using a neural uplink through the skull of one of Ghidorah’s heads. Apex CEO Walter Simmons intended to use Mechagodzilla to destroy Earth’s Titans and reassert humanity’s dominance, but upon being fully charged by the energy from Hollow Earth, the robot overcame its programming and went rogue. Luckily, Godzilla and King Kong put aside their differences and join forces to vanquish Mechagodzilla before it could wreak havoc past Hong Kong. Unless someone in this universe gets the bright idea to build Mechagodzilla 2.0, we don’t have to worry about this threat reemerging.

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