These Photos From the 2001 Oscars Red Carpet Will Prove Just How Fast Time Flies


Is it just us, or do the 2001 Oscars feel like yesterday and also a million years ago all at the same time? 

Chalk it up to the time warp that was 2020, but it’s hard to believe that exactly two decades ago, Hollywood royalty like Kate Hudson, Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez were just beginning to ride the wave of their big breaks. 

At the ceremony in 2001, Julia Roberts nabbed her first Academy Award for Erin Brockovich, and Russell Crowe‘s performance in Gladiator not only made him a household name, but an Oscar winner. The historical blockbuster also beat out film classics like ChocolatCrouching Tiger, Hidden DragonTraffic and Erin Brockovich for Best Picture. 

And as for the red carpet, talk about the crème de la crème of early aughts fashion. J.Lo’s completely sheer, Chanel gown continues to rank among the Oscars’ most unforgettable style moments, while Björk’s infamous swan dress (quite literally) ruffled feathers. 

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