What Is Marvel’s Multiverse: 4 Things To Know From The Comics


Some Beings Exist Outside Of The Marvel Multiverse

There are some characters without direct ties to one reality whose actions do not even affect any existing universes, yet they could still determine whether or not a certain reality should exist. These beings – ranging from celestials to bureaucratic organizations – could even be considered protectors of one or all realities, such as Merlyn – the original protector and categorizer of the Marvel Multiverse. The wizard would establish the Captain Britain Corps, assigning a different agent to monitor each reality’s version of the British Isles and, by extension, that reality itself.

The Time Variance Authority, which Owen Wilson’s Loki character, Mobius M. Mobius, works for, is in charge of protecting the flow of time in the Multiverse – a responsibility that Doctor Strange has assumed for Earth-616. Yet, their jurisdiction still falls at the mercy of an eternal, multiversal, three-headed Titan who oversees all timelines, known as the Living Tribunal. Of course, even he is still an underling to the One-Above-All – who is essentially the Marvel equivalent to the God.

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