Apparently Zack Snyder’s First Justice League Trailer Really Helped VFX Artists Perfect The Flash’s Look


All that Speed Force stuff was stuff we developed during Justice League. But again, that got an accelerated kick start when we were shooting Justice League, because they had decided they wanted to put the Ezra Miller cameo in Suicide Squad. So while we were shooting Justice League, they shot Ezra off to the side, the ‘no honor amongst thieves’ thing in capturing Boomerang. That also had a short development schedule, because again this was years ago, so I don’t remember the time frame 100%, but I’m relatively, reasonably accurate. That idea came in close-ish to the end of that movie’s production, so once again we didn’t have a huge amount of time to dev out the idea that you would normally want when you’re just sort of doing it on a movie. Because we had planned to do these things, but suddenly like, ‘Hey, there’s six weeks, and this schedule ends. We want this Flash thing for it.’ We had to accelerate all of our look development. So we got some of the really talented look dev guys at Scanline sort of isolated on that. We had the benefit of having something way back then, that we developed further throughout Justice League, and then got to revisit it again when we got to do Justice League for Zack. It’s a long time to sit with these ideas, and explore stuff, and push stuff around. And every time we kind of looked into it, we’d try to, if we could, find new things to put into it, or push some of the ideas here or there.

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